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Find and buy tickets to all Chicago bulls games. Choose the Chicago Bulls game that you would like to attend below. You will see ticket options including ticket prices and locations.

Types of Chicago Bulls Tickets

Bulls game tickets for the current NBA basketball season are available for purchase. There are different ticket levels 

Single Game Tickets

Season Tickets

Family Ticket Plans

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At, you will mostly find Chicago Bulls single-game tickets for sale. Some of our ticket sellers do offer season tickets and other Chicago Bulls ticket packages as well as tickets to Chicago Bulls Suites.


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About The Chicago Bulls Tickets

The Chicago Bulls are far from the glory days of the 1990s when players like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman helped them win 6 NBA championships. That hasn't stopped the fans from purchasing tickets and attending Chicago Bulls games. Year after year the team is near the top of the league in attendance. 

The modern Chicago Bulls are led by players like Zach Levine. The team has not had a winning season in years and local sports radio has been starting to question if this team can ever compete again in the near future. These questions arise because the Bulls never seem to be able to land a "TIER1" free agent, like the Los Angeles Lakers, did with Anthony Davis this year.

Whether or not this team will compete in the 2020-2021 season remains to be seen but the United Center in Chicago will still draw sellout crowds because Chicagoland loves their Bulls.



CloseSeats is a primary marketplace where you can find the tickets that you are looking for. We offer Single-game tickets to all Chicago Bulls home games at the United Center, As well as the 2021 NBA All-Star Game. For more information about seating options, you can check the Official website of the Chicago Bulls.


Where Can I Buy Chicago Bulls Tickets and How to Get them?


There are many places that you can purchase tickets and it all depends on where you want to sit and how popular a particular game is on the schedule. If you are not a season ticket holder, your chance of going on the Bulls ticketing page and finding premium seating or courtside seats is very hard. Most of the premium seating has been bought up already from corporations and season ticket holders. The good news is that when these people cannot attend one of the games, they re-sell them on the secondary market on places just like the site you are on, CloseSeats.


Chicago Bulls Seating Chart


Chicago Bulls seating chart for Tickets


Chicago Bulls Seat Numbers for United Center


Seat numbers for the United Center Chicago Bulls games always start with the 1st seat where the section begins. If you were looking at sections 111, 112, 113 then section 111 would start with seat number 1. When section 111 ends, section 112 begins with seat number 1, and then when section 112 ends, section 113 would begin with seat number one. The 1st seat of the section is always closest to the lower section before it.


How much Do Chicago Bulls Tickets Cost?


There are two ways that Chicago Bulls Tickets are priced. The first is the primary market, which is the face value of the ticket. Back in the old days, every game on the schedule had the same face value for a ticket, depending on the level and section you were sitting in. In today's ticketing world, the NBA, just like other professional sports leagues, has gone to a new ticket price system called dynamic ticket pricing. Basically, the more fan interest in a particular game, the more the face value of the ticket will be. For the 2019-2020 season, face value for Chicago bulls tickets start at $40 a ticket and goes up from there.

Secondary tickets are another way to purchase tickets. There are no standard pricing structures in the secondary market. It all has to do with supply and demand. As stated above, season ticket holders cannot attend every game and when they cannot, they most often times try to sell them on the secondary market. Ticket Brokers also have deals with season ticket holders and will make arrangements to purchase those tickets and resell them. 

With that being said, the secondary market Bulls tickets can fluctuate drastically. Those $40.00 face-value tickets can go as low as $10.00 per ticket when the supply is high and demand is low. On the other end of the spectrum, those same seats can go for $300 or above if the demand is high. 


What are Chicago Bulls Ticket Prices? 


Prices for Chicago Bulls games on the secondary market are set on a supply and demand basis. There is no price 'Structure" in any games. You will see the ticket prices on the right-hand side of the section and row.

CloseSeats lists the tickets on our marketplace from low to high. So an example would be:

Sec 303 Row 10 - $10/ea - This would be the lowest priced ticket located at the top of our listing

Sec 122 Row A - $357/ea - This would be the highest-priced ticket located at the bottom of the listing


Where Can I Get Cheap or Bargain Chicago Bulls Tickets?


Depending on the game on the schedule that you choose to attend, you can find cheap Chicago Bulls tickets right here on CloseSeats. Many games have seats for sale that are up to 75% off of face value. There are get me in tickets for as low as $10.00 for many games


Do I Need To Print My Chicago Bulls Tickets?


No, The Chicago Bulls no longer accept printed tickets at the gates of the United Center. Mobile Tickets are the only form of entrance. 


Chicago Bulls Schedule for 2020 - 2021 


The schedule is listed in the ticket listings above. Choose an opponent and a date that you would like to attend a Bulls game to view our single-game ticket listings to that calendar date. The Bulls will play 41 home games at the United Center and 41 road games.


Where can I view the Chicago Bulls Schedule?


As stated above, the Chicago Bulls schedule is listed above with the ticket listings. There is a filter where you can view the schedule with your own search preferences. If you wanted to only see Bulls games that are happening in February, you would just go to the filters and Choose that month. There are many different filters that you can use on the schedule to narrow your search.


Notable games on this years Chicago Bulls schedule


Milwaukee Bucks

Los Angeles Lakers

Golden State Warriors

Los Angeles Clippers


Opponents on this year Chicago Bulls schedule


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