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About the Chicago Cubs 2021 Home Game Schedule

The Chicago Cubs will play 81 of their scheduled 162 regular-season games this season at Wrigley Field in Chicago. The season will begin at home when the Cubs play the Pittsburgh Pirates in their home opener on Thursday, April 1st, 2021. 


Opponents and Matchups on Chicago Cubs Home Schedule

Opponents on the Cubs home schedule include MLB teams from the NL Central, NL East, NL West, and AL Central.


NL Central

The teams that the Chicago Cubs will host at Wrigley Field for home games this season are the Pittsburgh Pirates for 10 games, the St.Louis Cardinals for 9 games, the Cincinnati Reds for 10 games, and the Milwaukee Brewers for 10 games.


NL East

The National League East teams that the Chicago Cubs will host at Wrigley Field this season for home games are the Atlanta Braves for 3 games, the New York Mets for 3 games, the Philadelphia Phillies for 4 games, the Washington Nationals for 4 games, and the Miami Marlins for 3 games.


NL West

The National League West teams the Chicago Cubs will host at Wrigley Field this season for home games are the Arizona Diamondbacks for 3 games, The Colorado Rockies for 3 games, the Los Angeles Dodgers for 3 games, the San Francisco Giants for 3 games, and the Sad Diego Padres for 3 games.


AL Central

The 2021 MLB Interleague schedule has the National League Central teams playing the American League Central teams. That means that the Cubs will host 4 different AL Central teams for interleague play at Wrigley Field this Season. The 4 Al Central teams that the Cubs will play at Wrigley are the Chicago White Sox for 3 games, Minnesota Twins for 2 games, Detroit Tigers for 2 games, Cleveland Indians for 2 games, and the Kansas City Royals for 3 games



2021 Cubs Home Schedule By Month


The Chicago Cubs 2021 season schedule is out and begins at home this season on Thursday, April 1st with their home opener vs the Pittsburgh Pirates. It is not only their first scheduled game of the year, but it is also the beginning of their first homestand in which they will host 6 games. After the Cubs host the Pittsburgh Pirates for a 3 game set, the Milwaukee Brewers will come to Chicago for a 3 game series from Monday, April 5th - Wednesday, April 7th.

After a 6 game road trip to Pittsburgh, and Milwaukee the Cubs will return home on April 16th for a 9 game homestand. Two of the National League favorites will be visiting Wrigley Field in the first two series of the homestand. First up is Cubs vs Braves, a 3 game series that begins on April 16th. The Atlanta Braves, who were one game away from going to the 2020 World Series, will be making their only trip to Chicago for the series, so ticket availability may be in high demand.



April 20th - 22nd | Chicago Cubs vs New York Mets  

The Cubs will play the New York Mets in the 2nd series of this homestand. This series will be 3 games and will be played in the middle of the week, on a Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The Mets have added a lot of depth for the 2021 season and are considered contenders for the NL East. James McCann has signed this off-season to help handle one of the best pitching staff in Baseball. 


April 23rd - April 25th | Chicago Cubs vs Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers will be visiting Wrigley Field to play the Cubs for the second time this season. As always, this series expects to have a sell-out crowd in attendance. With the Covid-19 limited attendance guidelines that the City of Chicago has implemented, ticket prices will be at a premium on the secondary market because of this rivalry and the short distance from Milwaukee to Chicago.




May 3rd - May 5th | Chicago Cubs vs Los Angeles Dodgers

Starting on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2021, the defending World Series Champion Los Angeles Dodgers will come to Wrigley Field to play their one and only series at Wrigley Field this season. This will be the first series of three for a 6 game homestand for the Cubs.  It is hard to believe, but the Dodgers have somehow managed to make themselves even better in 2021 than they were in their historic 2020 season. Even though they lost fan-favorite Joc Pederson to the Cubs in free agency, they were able to sign some significant free agents themselves with starting pitcher Trever Bauer being the biggest one. 


May 7th - May 9th | Chicago Cubs vs Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates will come to Chicago to play the Cubs for the 2nd time in the 2021 season. This is a 3 game weekend series that will take place with 3 straight-day games at the Friendly Confines. This will be the last game of the Cubs 6 game homestand before coming back home to host the 2019 World Series Champion Washington Nationals on May 17th.


May 14th - May 15th | Chicago Cubs vs Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers come to Wrigley to play a short 2 game series at Wrigley Field. The last time that the Tigers played at Wrigley Field was in 2018. Detroit Tigers fans have traveled well to See the Cubs and Tigers play at Wrigley and it should be no different this year.


May 17th - May 20th | Chicago Cubs vs Washington Nationals

On Monday, May 17th the 2019 World Series Champion Washington Nationals will come to Wrigley Field to take on the Chicago Cubs in a 4 game series. The Cubs will have their hands full facing a tough Nationals pitching staff that is led by Matt Scherzer, who they will almost certainly face, being that it is a 4 game set. The Nats also have a powerful lineup led by Juan Soto. 


May 28th - May 30th | Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati Reds

The Cubs will host the Cincinnati Reds for the 1st time in the 2021 season from Friday, May 28 - Sunday, May 30th.  This 3 game series at Wrigley will all be day games with a 1:20 PM start. Memorial day weekend crowds at Wrigley Field are usually quite big with each game usually being a sellout. While Cincinnati is not a short drive, it is a short flight and Wrigley Field should have their share of Reds fans in town for the series. 


May 31st (thru June 2nd) | Chicago Cubs vs San Diego Padres

The San Diego Padres have stacked their roster this season with a top-of-the-line pitching staff and a very potent batting lineup.  Expect fan interest for this 3 game series to be very high as Cubs fans will want to see how their team matches up against one of the National League West's best teams. Yu Darvish, who was dealt to the Padres from the Cubs will join Manny Machado, Fernando Tatis, and the rest of the San Diego Padres in their only visit to Wrigley Field in the regular season this year. 




June 1st -  June 2nd | Chicago Cubs vs San Diego Padres

The Cubs vs Padres 3 game series that began on May 31st, 2021 will continue thru June 2nd, 2021


June 11th - June 13th | Chicago Cubs vs St. Louis Cardinals

The Cubs will stop home for a short 3 game series against their biggest rival, the St. Louis Cardinals. This will be the first of 3 series that these two rivals will have at Wrigley Field this season for a total of 9 games in Chicago. The Cards and the Cubs should be battling for the division lead throughout the 2021 season and Cardinals fans usually have a very strong showing at Wrigley Field. Tickets will be at a premium because not only is this the Cubs vs Cardinals, it is also a weekend Series. 


June 18th - June 20th | Chicago Cubs vs Miami Marlins


Although this is not a heated rivalry, Cubs fans will never forget that it was the then Florida Marlins who knocked them out of the playoffs in 2003, as Cubs fans watched the Marlins celebrate winning the National League Pennant at Wrigley Field. Another historical moment from that series was the famous "Bartman Game". Fast forward to the 2020 MLB playoffs, and once again it was the Marlins knocking the Cubs out of the playoffs. The Marlins surprised a lot of people by making the 2020 MLB playoffs and are definitely a team on the rise. 


June 21st - June 22nd | Chicago Cubs vs Cleveland Indians

The Cleveland Indians will be the first American League team to visit Wrigley for the 2021 season. This 2 games interleague series will be the last home games for the month of June on the 2021 Cubs schedule. It was the Indians that the Cubs defeated in the 2016 World Series for their first World Series title in 108 years. The Indians have lost key pieces like Francisco Lindor, but they still have one of the better pitching staff in all of Major League Baseball going into the season.




July 5th - July 8th | Chicago Cubs vs Philadelphia Phillies

The Cubs and Phillies will face off in a 5 game set starting Monday, July 5th, 2021. All four games are scheduled as night games with a 7:05 PM start. Barring injury, Jake Arrieta should be slated to start one of the four games. Arrieta left the Cubs to play for the Phillies from 2019-2020, before returning to the Cubs for the 2021 season.


July 9 - July 11th | Chicago Cubs vs St. Louis Cardinals

The Cards come to Wrigley for the second time this season, once again for a weekend 3 game series. As the Major League Baseball season is at about the halfway point, these games will become more and more important as the two teams will be fighting to win the National League Central Division. Expect all 3 games - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to be sell-out crowds with ticket prices on the secondary market to once again be at a premium. 


July 23rd - July 25th | Chicago Cubs vs Arizona Diamondbacks

The Cubs will start a 7 game homestand with a 3 game series vs the Arizona Diamondbacks on Friday, July 23rd. The Diamondbacks are competing in a very tough National League West division that features the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres


July 26th - July 29th | Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati Reds

The Reds will visit Wrigley Field for the 2nd time of the 2021 MLB season for 4 games as the Cubs will host their final series for the month of July. The Reds are looking to surprise a lot of people with their young talent and by this time of the season, they home to be competing for the division lead with the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs.




August 6th - August 8th | Chicago Cubs vs Chicago White Sox

The Cubs and White Sox will play each other at Wrigley Field on Friday, August 6th, Saturday, August 7th, and Sunday, August 8th in the 2021 season. Because the 2021 MLB interleague schedule has the National League Central vs the American League Central this year, these inter-city rivals will play each other a total of 6 times, rather than the 4 times they play each other in a normal year. There is a huge fan interest for these games in the city of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs as fans fight for the right to brag about their North Side team, the Chicago Cubs or South Side team, The Chicago White Sox.  


August 9th - August 12th | Chicago Cubs vs Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers come back to Wrigley for a 4 game series that caps off a homestand for the Cubs with two of the closest rivals as far as geographical measures are concerned. As Wrigley field will be invaded the whole homestand with White Sox and Brewers fans, expect tickets to be very hard to obtain on the primary market. The Cubs and Brewers fans both travel well to each other ballparks, but if the Brewers and Cubs are competing for 1st place in the NL Central, it will bring fan interest up even higher. This will be the final series for the Cubs and Brewers at Wrigley Field in the 2021  regular season, the two teams will meet one more time for a 3 game series in Milwaukee at American Family Field from September 17th - 19th. 


August 20th - August 22nd | Chicago Cubs vs Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals will play the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field for a 3 game Interleague series starting Friday, August 20th with a scheduled 1:20 PM first pitch. The Royals have a great amount of young talent and are looking to surprise people this year with local Naperville Central High School graduate Nicky Lopez being one of them. 


August 23rd - August 25th | Chicago Cubs vs Colorado Rockies

The Cubs last home series in the month of August 2021 will be a 3 game series vs. the visiting Colorado Rockies. The Rockies traded their superstar 3rd baseman Nolan Arenodo to the St. Louis Cardinals before the 2021 season for LHP Austin Gomber, INF Mateo Gil, INF Elehuris Montero, RHP Tony Locey, and RHP Jake Sommers. 




September 2nd - September 12th | Chicago Cubs vs Pittsburgh Pirates

The Cubs will begin their longest homestand of the 2021 season of 10 games with a 4 game series starting September 2nd vs the Pittsburgh Pirates. This will be the final time on the schedule that the Pirates will visit Wrigley Field in the 2021 season. Each game for this weekend series is a scheduled day game with a 1:20 start time.  


September 6th - September 8th | Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati Reds

The Reds will come to Chicago for a 3 game set starting with a day game on Monday, September 6th, 2021 with a 1:20 first pitch. The final 2 games of the series both are night games at Wrigley Field with a scheduled 6:40 start time. This will be the last time the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds will face each other on the 2021 MLB regular season schedule.


September 10th - September 12th | Chicago Cubs vs San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants will finally make their one and only 2021 regular-season appearance at Wrigley Field in Chicago when the two teams face each other on Friday, September 10th, Saturday, September 11th, and Sunday, September 12th in a 3 game series. The only other time the two teams met each other this season was when the Cubs traveled to San Francisco to take on the Giants at Oracle Park in a 4 game series from June 3rd - June 6th.


September 21st - September 22nd | Chicago Cubs vs Minnesota Twins

The Cubs will host the Minnesota Twins for their last interleague series of the year. Both the Cubs and the Twins are expected to be in competition for their respective division races. Expect Twins fans to take the short flight to Chicago to see their team play if the Twins are in the hunt.


September 24th - September 26th | Chicago Cubs vs St. Louis Cardinals

The final homestand of the year for the Chicago Cubs is capped off with the division rival St. Louis Cardinals. By the time this 3 game series comes up on the schedule, both teams may be in must-win situations which can make this series even bigger than it already is with the natural rivalry. Major League Baseball did an outstanding job putting this series as the last games at Wrigley Field for the 2021 season and also somehow making sure that all 3 times the Cardinals came to Wrigley Field this season, they played the series on a weekend.


About Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field is the home for the MLB Chicago Cubs. The stadium venue is located at %Adresss% in the city of Chicago, IL. In Addition to hosting Chicago Cubs baseball games, Many other sporting events are held throughout each year. Wrigley Field has a seating capacity of 41268, which also makes it a very popular place to attend outdoor summer concerts in Chicago.


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Wrigley Field Seating Chart


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