New York Yankees Tickets & Schedule 2024

New York Yankees Tickets & Schedule 2024. View home games at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, NY, and away game dates by day, week, opponent, day games, night games. View the upcoming schedule and get great NY Yankees ticket deals.


What you will find on the New York Yankees schedule:

  • New York Yankees home game dates
  • New York Yankees away game dates
  • New York Yankees Opponents
  • Upcoming New York Yankees MLB games
  • New York Yankees day games
  • New York Yankees night games
  • New York Yankees weekday games
  • New York Yankees weekend games
  • Shop for New York Yankees MLB tickets

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Upcoming Yankees Schedule | Buy Tickets

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About the NY Yankees Schedule


The New York Yankees are a Major League Baseball (MLB) team that plays it's home games at Yankee Stadium, in the Bronx. NY. The team will play spring training games and 162 regular-season games on the 2024 schedule. The season begins in April and ends in September with a majority of the games scheduled for the spring and summer months. We will break down the season opponents, game dates and game times. Make sure you check out our post about how MLB makes the New York Yankees schedule.


New York Yankees Ticket Prices

How much do New York Yankees Tickets Cost?

Tickets to see New York Yankees prices in 2024 are listed from high to low. The minimum price you will pay for New York Yankees tickets is $6.00 at CloseSeats. No tickets can ne bought or sold under $6.00


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