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About the Boston Bruins  NHL Hockey Team

The Boston Bruins are a National Hockey League team (NHL) that plays their home games at the TD Garden in Boston, MA. They play in the Atlantic division of the Eastern Conference. Other NHL teams in the same division include the Tampa Bay Lightning, Toronto Maple LeafsFlorida PanthersMontreal Canadians, Buffalo Sabres, Ottawa Senators, and the Detroit Red Wings.

The Boston Bruins history goes way wack to 1924. They are one of the "original six" NHL teams. The other 5 are the Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadians, Chicago Blackhawks, Toronto Maple Leafs, and New York Rangers. The Bruins 1st year of play in the NHL was in the 1924-25 season. Almost 100 years later, the Bruins are still playing in the city that they started in. Boston has won 6 Stanley Cup Championships and has more than 50 former players and members of their organization in the National Hockey League Hall of Fame. They are a team rich in history and have been beloved by their loyal fan base from the beginning. They share their home, TD Garden, with one of the other powerhouses in the four major sports, that being the Boston Celtics of the NBA. When it comes to being a player that would like to play hockey in a great sports city, you have hit the jackpot if you should get to play for the Boston Bruins. 

Boston Bruins Playoff Appearances

The Boston Bruins have been able to make the playoffs in a majority of their seasons, which is a very tough feat to accomplish. As a matter of fact, they have only missed the playoffs 22 times. If you take out the 1960s, when the Bruins were awful and failed to make the playoffs 8 times, from 1960-1967, that would take the number down to 14 times. They obviously have been a hockey team with a huge winning tradition and just making the playoffs is not always good enough for the fans, they want Stanley Cup Championships.

Boston Bruins Stanley Cup History

The Bruins have managed to make it to the Stanley Cup Finals a staggering 20 times. It should be noted that back in the 1st half of the 1900s, there were fewer teams to go through to get there but they still did it, nonetheless. In those 20 Stanley Cup Finals appearances, they were able to win 6 times, giving the organization 6 Stanley Cup Championships.

  • 1929
  • 1939
  • 1941
  • 1970
  • 1972
  • 2011

Boston Bruins Recent Success on the Ice

The last time the Bruins played in the Stanley Cup Finals was at the end of the 2018-19 season when they won their first three playoff rounds in the 2019 playoffs vs. the Toronto Maple Leafs (4-3), Columbus Blue Jackets (4-2), and the Carolina Hurricanes (4-0). They would go on to play the St. Louis Blues for the Stanley Cup. The Bruins played the Blues tough as the series went a full 7 games, but they would ultimately lose game 7 and lose the series 4-1.

6 years earlier, In the 2013 playoffs, Boston made it to the finals by beating the Toronto Maple Leafs in 7 games (4-3), New York Rangers (4-1), and Pittsburgh Penguins (4-0). This time, it would be the Chicago Blackhawks that would beat them in the Stanley Cup Finals 4-2.

2011 Boston Bruins: Stanley Cup Champions


The last time that the Boston Bruins were able to hoist Lord Stanley's Cup was 2011, after defeating the Vancouver Cunucks in a tough 7 game series 4-3. This was the first Stanley Cup Championship that the Bruins had won in 39 years and the city of Boston and their fans were ecstatic.  During the victory parade, hosted by their beloved city,  fans packed the streets to show their love and appreciation for the Stanley Cup Champions. 


Going to a Boston Bruins Hockey Game

If you are making your way to the TD Garden in Boston to see a Boston Bruins hockey game, there are some things that you should know to prepare yourself for your visit. 

      1. Arrive early: For Boston Bruins hockey games, Td Garden opens its doors for members 2 hours before puck drop and 1 hour before puck drop to the general public.  Get there early to avoid late-arriving crowds and see pre-game Bruins Warm-ups.
      2. Dress Warm. This is a Boston Bruins hockey game that you will be attending and it could get quite cold inside TD Garden. It is better to have an extra sweatshirt and not need it than to need a sweatshirt and not have one.
      3. Do not try to get up during a play:  During a Boston Bruins game, If you need to go to the restroom, or you are getting up for concessions, wait until play has stopped. Nothing irritates other Boston Bruins fans more than having to get up for someone trying to pass by their seats when play is in action. 
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Boston Bruins Schedule Information


How Many Games do the Boston Bruins Play in a Season?

The Boston Bruins play 82 regular-season games a year on schedule.  The NHL hockey regular season usually begins in October and ends in September with a majority of the games scheduled during the winter months. We will break down the Boston Bruins season opponents, game dates, and game times. 


How Many Home Games do the Boston Bruins Play?

The Boston Bruins play 41 of their 82 regular-season games at TD Garden in Boston, MA. on each year's regular-season schedule.


What Time do the Boston Bruins Play?

The start time for any Boston Bruins hockey game all depends on the day of the week and the city they are playing in. Home games for the Boston Bruins at the TD Garden usually have the puck drop at around 7:00 PM for night games. You can check the Boston Bruins schedule above for each and every upcoming NHL game start time.


What Channel do the Boston Bruins play on?

New England Sports Network will broadcast a majority of the Boston Bruins games on TV for the upcoming season.


Boston Bruins Ticket Information


How to Find Boston Bruins Tickets on CloseSeats

Tickets to see the Boston Bruins are available with the lowest prices located at the top of our ticket listings and the highest-priced tickets at the bottom of our ticket listings. You will find tickets to every section of every NHL hockey arena on CloseSeats and you may click on that section on our TD Garden interactive seating charts to see available seats and prices for that specific section.

All Boston Bruins ticket sales are 100% guaranteed and will be in the section and row that you purchase.


How to Buy Boston Bruins Tickets 

      1. Browse our Boston Bruins schedule for the game that you would like to attend
      2. Choose the tickets for the Boston Bruins from our inventory
      3. proceed to checkout
      4. You will get an email on how to download your Boston Bruins tickets or receive an estimated shipping date. 


How Much do Boston Bruins Playoff tickets cost?

Boston Bruins playoff ticket prices can vary depending on a number of factors, including the opponent they are playing and your seat location. Right now, the average ticket price for a Boston Bruins playoff game is $125.00, based on actual tickets sold. 


Do I Need to Print my Tickets?

No. The Boston Bruins, along with all NHL teams, will only allow mobile ticket gate entry to their games


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