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About the Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks are a National Hockey League Team (NHL) that play their home games at the United Center in Chicago, IL. They play in the Central division of the Western Conference. Other NHL teams in the same division include the St. Louis Blues, Colorado AvalancheWinnipeg Jets, Nashville PredatorsMinnesota Wild, and the Dallas Stars

The Blackhawks first joined the NHL in 1926 and are part of the "original 6" teams that also included the Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadians, Boston Bruins, Toronto Maple Leafs, and New York Rangers. Since that first year, they have gone on to win 6 Stanley Cup Titles and have had 46 players selected to the NHL Hall of Fame. The latest player to be inducted, Marian Hossa, played with the team from 2009-2017, and was part of 3 of their Stanley Cups, and was inducted in June of 2020. 

Some of the Fans of the Chicago Blackhawks were Delighted to get a new stadium in 1994 and some of them were disappointed because the old stadium, "Chicago Stadium", was a truly unique place to watch a hockey game. While the hockey ice dimensions were obviously the same, the new United Center seating area was much bigger and higher and seemed less intimate to some people.

Going to a Chicago Blackhawks Game: The National Anthem Experience

While going to any live sporting event, whether it be an NHL, NFL or any other sport is truly a great time, going to see the Chicago Blackhawks live adds a unique experience that you will not get anywhere else. Before the puck drops and there is even a great play or goal to cheer about, the National Anthem begins and so do the rowdy fans. As soon as the Anthem starts, fans start cheering. As the Anthem continues along, the fans get louder and louder with their cheering until by the end of the song it is so loud you cannot even hear. Sometimes it is such an awesome thing to be a part of, that you are stuck looking around in awe and you don't even realize that you are not cheering with the crowd because you are just watching with amazement. As loud as it gets, it was even louder at the old Chicago Stadium because of how much smaller and intimate it was. This was one of the reasons some fans did not care for the new move to the United Center.

Players who have played for the Blackhawks have said it would literally send chills down their spine when they were lined up before the game. In January of 1991, the NHL All-Star Game was hosted at the old Chicago Stadium and the Chicago version of celebrating the National Anthem came with mixed reviews. True hockey fans understood it and knew it was part of Blackhawks fan culture, but other fans that were not aware that this had been going on for years, at all Blackhawks games, thought that there was some sort of disrespect for cheering over the National Anthem.

The 2000's: Stanley Cup Dreams Come True Again 



After the passing of Chicago Blackhawks longtime owner Bill Wirtz in 2007, his son Rocky Wirtz took control of the team. He would change what many perceived as a poor job in recent years of his father's Running of the team. They had already struck gold when they were able to land Jonathan Toews 3rd in the 2006 draft, but they would solidify the teams 1-2 punch when they were awarded the number 1 pick in the 2007 draft and chose Patrick Kane. 

Through the next couple of years, Wirtz would continue to make the team strong by adding veterans via trade and free agency. It paid off when the Blackhawks won the Stanley cup title in 2010, their first one in 49 years. They would go on to win 2 more Stanley Cups in 2013 and 2015 to seal 3 titles in 6 years.


Chicago Blackhawks Schedule Information


How Many Games do the Chicago Blackhawks Play in a Season?

The Chicago Blackhawks play 82 regular-season games a year on schedule.  The NHL hockey regular season usually begins in October and ends in September with a majority of the games scheduled during the winter months. 

How Many Home Games do the Chicago Blackhawks Play?

The Chicago Blackhawks play 41 of their 82 regular-season games at the United Center in Chicago IL on each year's regular-season schedule.


What Time do the Chicago Blackhawks Play?

The start time for any Chicago Blackhawks hockey game all depends on the day of the week and city they are playing in. Home games for the Chicago Blackhawks at the United Center usually have the puck drop at around 7:00 PM for night games. You can check the Chicago Blackhawks schedule above for each and every upcoming NHL game start time.


What Channel do the Chicago Blackhawks play on?

NBC Sports Chicago will broadcast a majority of the Chicago Blackhawks games on TV for the upcoming season.


Chicago Blackhawks Ticket Information


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Tickets to see the Chicago Blackhawks are available with the lowest prices located at the top of our ticket listings and the highest-priced tickets at the bottom of our ticket listings. You will find tickets to every section of every NHL hockey arena on CloseSeats and you may click on that section on our interactive seating charts to see available seats and prices for that specific section.

All Chicago Blackhawks ticket sales are 100% guaranteed and will be in the section and row that you purchase.


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  4. You will get an email on how to download your Chicago Blackhawks tickets or receive an estimated shipping date. 


How Much do Chicago Blackhawks tickets cost?

At CloseSeats, Chicago Blackhawks ticket prices can be found for above and below the face value of the ticket. For games at the United Center, the seat location will have a big impact on the cost of the tickets. The Minimum price for a Chicago Blackhawks ticket on is $6.00. No tickets can be bought or sold for under $6.00 


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Do I Need to Print my Tickets?

No. The Chicago Blackhawks, along with all NHL teams, will only allow mobile ticket gate entry to their games.


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