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Canada Life Centre Seating Chart - Home of the Winnipeg Jets

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About the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Team

The Winnipeg Jets are a National Hockey League Team (NHL) that plays their home games at the Canada Life Centre in Winnipeg, MB. They play in the Central division of the Western Conference. Other NHL teams in the same division include the Chicago Blackhawks, Dallas StarsNashville PredatorsSt. Louis Blues, Minnesota Wild, and the Colorado Avalanche.

After the 1995-96 NHL season, the original Winnipeg Jets were moved to Phoenix, AZ, and became the Phoenix Coyotes (Now the Arizona Coyotes), which left a city of hockey fans angry and void without an NHL franchise. In 2011, an investment group purchased a different franchise, the Atlanta Thrashers, and relocated them to Winnipeg. The purchase of the team did not include the team name "Thrashers", nor did it include the logo of the team. The new investment group would rename the team the Winnipeg Jets to resemble the original name the city and fans came to know. 

The new Winnipeg jets would begin to play in the 2011-2012 NHL season. It was not until the 4th season that they finally were able to make the playoffs. In the 2015 playoffs, the Jets would play the Anaheim Ducks in the first round and lose 4-0. Jets fans and management were happy for the team's minor success that season and there were hopes that better seasons were in the horizon. All of those hopes were crushed as the team did not qualify for the Stanley Cup Playoffs the following two seasons.

It was not until the 2017-18 season that the Winnipeg Jets made it past the first round of the playoffs since their move from Atlanta. In the 2018 playoffs, The Jets played the Minnesota Wild in the first round and beat them pretty easily by 4-1. Winning that series with relative ease gave them confidence going into their second-round matchup vs the Nashville Predators. The Predators won the President's Cup that season and the Jets knew they were in for a tough series. It took 7 games but the Jets beat the Preds 4-3 and they were one series win away from the Stanley Cup Finals, only The Las Vegas Knights stood in their way.

Winnipeg was pretty confident after just beating the President Cup-winning Nashville Predators but the Knights were just too good for them and knocked the Jets out of the 3rd round of the playoffs in 5 games, beating them 4-1.  Once again, fans and management had great hopes for the team moving forward, only to see the team get knocked out in the first round of the 2019 playoffs to the St. Louis Blues and miss the 2020 playoffs.

Going to a Winnipeg Jets Hockey Game

If you are making your way to Canada Life Centre in Winnipeg, MB. to see a Winnipeg Jets hockey game, there are some things that you should know to prepare yourself for your visit. 

      1. Arrive early: For Winnipeg Jets hockey games, Canada Life Centre opens its gates 1 hour prior to puck drop. Get there early to avoid late-arriving crowds.
      2. Dress Warm. This is a Winnipeg Jets hockey game that you will be attending and it could get quite cold inside Canada Life Centre. It is better to have an extra sweatshirt and not need it than to need a sweatshirt and not have one.
      3. Do not try to get up during a play: If you need to go to the restroom, or you are getting up for concessions, wait until play has stopped. Nothing irritates other Winnipeg Jets fans more than having to get up for someone trying to pass by their seats when play is in action.
      4. Shout "True North" during the National Anthem: During the National Anthem, When the part of the Oh' Canada song comes to the line " the True North strong and free" the fans shout "True North". 
      5. Share your Winnipeg Jets game experience: Share Pics and videos on our Instagram page. #closeseats


Winnipeg Jets Schedule Information


How Many Games do the Winnipeg Jets Play in a Season?

The Winnipeg Jets play 82 regular-season games a year on schedule.  The NHL hockey regular season usually begins in October and ends in September with a majority of the games scheduled during the winter months. We will break down the Winnipeg Jets season opponents, game dates, and game times. 


How Many Home Games do the Winnipeg Jets Play?

The Winnipeg Jets play 41 of their 82 regular-season games at Canada Life Centre in Winnipeg on each year's regular-season schedule.


What Time do the Winnipeg Jets Play?

The start time for any Winnipeg Jets hockey game all depends on the day of the week and the city they are playing in. Home games for the Winnipeg Jets at the Canada Life Centre usually have the puck drop at around 7:00 PM for night games. You can check the Winnipeg Jets schedule above for each and every upcoming NHL game start time.


What Channel do the Winnipeg Jets play on?

TSN3 will broadcast a majority of the Winnipeg Jets games on TV for the upcoming season.


Winnipeg Jets Ticket Information


How to Find Winnipeg Jets Tickets on CloseSeats

Tickets to see the Winnipeg Jets are available with the lowest prices located at the top of our ticket listings and the highest-priced tickets at the bottom of our ticket listings. You will find tickets to every section of every NHL hockey arena on CloseSeats and you may click on that section on our Canada Life Centre interactive seating charts to see available seats and prices for that specific section.

All Winnipeg Jets ticket sales are 100% guaranteed and will be in the section and row that you purchase.


How to Buy Winnipeg Jets Tickets 

      1. Browse our Winnipeg Jets schedule for the game that you would like to attend
      2. Choose the tickets for the Winnipeg Jets from our inventory
      3. proceed to checkout
      4. You will get an email on how to download your Winnipeg Jets tickets or receive an estimated shipping date. 


How Much do Winnipeg Jets tickets cost?

At CloseSeats, Winnipeg Jets ticket prices can be found for above and below the face value of the ticket. For games at Canada Life Centre, the seat location will have a big impact on the cost of the tickets. The Minimum price for a Winnipeg Jets ticket on is $6.00. No tickets can be bought or sold for under $6.00  


Do I Need to Print my Tickets?

No. The Winnipeg Jets, along with all NHL teams, will only allow mobile ticket gate entry to their games.


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