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2021 Charlotte Hornets schedule and tickets. View home games on the calendar at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC. and away (road) game dates by day, week, an opponent, day games, night games. View the upcoming schedule and get great Hornets ticket deals.


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Spectrum Center Seating Chart - Home of the Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte Hornets seating chart at spectrum center in Charlotte, North Carolina

Upcoming Schedule and Tickets

On the Schedule below, you will discover upcoming Charlotte Hornets games starting with the next game at the top. Use the filters on the top right of the schedule and ticket listings to narrow down your search to opponents, months, home and away games.

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About the Charlotte Hornets Basketball Team

The Charlotte Hornets are a National Basketball Association (NBA) team that plays its home games at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC. The Hornets were originally founded as an NBA expansion team before the 1989-1990 season. In 2002, the team was purchased and moved to New Orleans and became the New Orleans Hornets. Meanwhile, in 2004, the city of Charlotte was once again awarded an NBA expansion franchise, this time the team would be called the Charlotte Bobcats. It wasn't until 2013 when the New Orleans Hornets changed their name to the New Orleans Pelicans that the Bobcats would change their name to the Hornets and the team was officially the Charlotte Hornets again. With the name being changed back to the Hornets, the franchise was also able to secure all of the rights and statistics that the Hornets and Bobcats collectively acquired. 

The Hornets are making positive moves to try and bring an NBA Championship to the city of Charlotte. Head coach James Borrego has some new weapons in his arsenal. The team is very high on first-round draft choice Lemelo Ball and Gordon Hayward just signed a 4-year contract with the team. Fans are really hoping that the Hornets can make the playoffs for the first time in 6 years this upcoming season. Michael Jordan has stated that it is time to win and it appears that he is allowing General Manager Mitch Kupchak to make all of the right moves in the organization to head in that direction. 


About the Charlotte Hornets Schedule

Division and Rivals:

The Charlotte Hornets play in the Southeast division of the Eastern Conference of the NBA League. They compete against four other teams in their division:

How Many Games do the Charlotte Hornets Play in a Season?

The Charlotte Hornets play 82 regular-season games a year on schedule. We will break down the Charlotte Hornets season opponents, game dates, and game times. 

How Many Home Games do the Charlotte Hornets Play at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC?

The Charlotte Hornets play 41 of their 82 regular-season games at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC. on each year's regular-season schedule.


Game Times: What Time do the Charlotte Hornets Play?

The start time for any Charlotte Hornets Basketball game all depends on the day of the week and the city they are playing in. Home games for the Charlotte Hornets at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC.  usually have a tip-off at around 7:00 PM for night games. You can check the Hornets schedule above for each and every upcoming game start time.


What Channel do the Charlotte Hornets play on?

Fox Sports Carolinas will broadcast a majority of the Charlotte Hornets games on TV for the upcoming season.


Going to a Charlotte Hornets Basketball Game

If you are making your way to the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC. to see a Charlotte Hornets Basketball game, there are some things that you should know to prepare yourself for your visit. 


  1. Arrive early: For Charlotte Hornets Basketball games, the Spectrum Center opens its doors 1 hour before game time to the general public. Get there early to find your seats, get concessions, and watch Hornets pre-game Warm-ups
  2. Download the Hornets App for in Stadium Discounts: If you download the Charlotte Hornets app you can find really good food and drink discounts that you can use at the game. Here are some prices you can expect to pay while using the app. $3 pretzels, $4 hot dogs, $4 nachos, $6 popcorn, $3 22oz sodas and $7 12oz Bud Lights.
  3. Enjoy Uptown before and after the game: The Spectrum Center is located in the heart of Uptown Charlotte with plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy before and after the game.
  4. Do not try to get up during a play:  During a Charlotte Hornets game at the Spectrum Center, If you need to go to the restroom, or you are getting up for concessions, wait until play has stopped. Nothing irritates other Charlotte Hornets fans more than having to get up for someone trying to pass by their seats when play is in action.
  5. Visit the Hornets Fan Shop: located on the Main Concourse of the Spectrum Center where you can find all the Charlotte Hornets Apparel and merchandise that you need.
  6. Share your Charlotte Hornets game experience: Share your Hornets game Pics and videos on our Instagram page. #closeseats


Charlotte Hornets Ticket Information


How to Find Charlotte Hornets Tickets on CloseSeats

Tickets to see the Charlotte Hornets are available with the lowest prices located at the top of our ticket listings and the highest-priced tickets at the bottom of our ticket listings. You will find tickets to almost every section of every arena that the Charlotte Hornets will play in this season. 

All Charlotte Hornets ticket sales are 100% guaranteed and will be in the section and row that you purchase.


How to Buy Charlotte Hornets Tickets 

  1. Browse our Charlotte Hornets schedule for the game that you would like to attend
  2. Choose the tickets for the Charlotte Hornets from our inventory
  3. proceed to checkout
  4. You will get an email on how to download your Charlotte Hornets tickets or receive an estimated shipping date. 


How Much do Charlotte Hornets Tickets Cost?

At CloseSeats, Charlotte Hornets ticket prices can be found for above and below the face value of the ticket. For games at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC.  the seat location will have a big impact on the cost of the tickets. The minimum price for a Charlotte Hornets ticket on is $6.00. No tickets can be bought or sold for under $6.00  


Do I Need to Print my Tickets?

No. The Charlotte Hornets, along with all NBA teams, will only allow mobile ticket gate entry to their games.


Charlotte Hornets Playoff Schedule and Tickets

Find and Buy NBA Playoff Tickets and view the NBA Playoff Schedule for the Charlotte Hornets at CloseSeats. Browse our inventory and find tickets to every section and row for Hornets playoff tickets and NBA Finals tickets.


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