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How to Find the Best Chicago Cubs Tickets at Wrigley Field

The best tickets at Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, can vary depending on personal preference and the specific game or event. Some popular options include:

  1. Field Box seats: These seats are located close to the field and offer great views of the action.

  2. Terrace Reserved seats: These seats are located in the upper deck, behind home plate and offer an excellent view of the entire field.

  3. Bleachers seats: These seats are located in the outfield and offer a unique, energetic atmosphere.

  4. Club Box seats: These seats are located in the lower level behind home plate and offer great views of the game with extra amenities.

  5. Suite tickets: For a luxury experience, consider purchasing a suite ticket that includes access to a private suite, VIP parking, and exclusive amenities.

Ultimately, the best tickets will depend on your budget and preferences. You can also use the seating chart below to help you decide where you want to sit, and which Chicago Cubs Tickets you should buy.


Chicago Cubs Seating Chart 

Wrigley Field Seating Chart


Chicago Cubs Tickets Seating Chart at Wrigley FIeld



2023 Chicago Cubs Opponents at Wrigley Field

Chicago Cubs opponents at Wrigley Field for the 2023 MLB Baseball season include teams from the National League Central division such as the Cincinnati Reds, Milwaukee Brewers, Pittsburgh Pirates, and St. Louis Cardinals, as well as teams from the National League East, West, and West divisions. The Cubs also play interleague games against teams from the American League Central, East, and West divisions. The team's main rivalries are with the St. Louis Cardinals, Milwaukee Brewers, and Chicago White Sox. You can View all of the Chicago Cubs head to head matchups on our MLB Matchups page.

The Chicago Cubs will play 81 of their scheduled 162 regular-season scheduled games this season at Wrigley Field in Chicago.


Tickets for more Chicago Cubs Matchups


Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field Ticket Information


How to Buy Chicago Cubs Tickets at Wrigley Field

  1. Browse our Chicago Cubs schedule at Wrigley Field for the game that you would like to attend
  2. Choose the tickets for Chicago Cubs event from our inventory
  3. proceed to checkout
  4. You will get an email on how to download your Chicago Cubs tickets or receive an estimated shipping date. 


How Much do Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field tickets cost?

Chicago Cubs ticket prices at Wrigley Field can vary depending on the game or event and seating location. On average, ticket prices for regular season games range from around $13 to $150 or more for premium seating. Prices may be higher or lower depending on factors such as the opposing team, day of the week, and ticket demand.

The cheapest tickets are typically located in the upper deck or the bleachers, while more expensive tickets can be found in the lower level or premium seating areas. Prices may also be higher for games against rival teams or during high-demand series. Currently the Cheapest price for a Chicago Cubs Ticket is $6.00. Most games will have cheap get me in ticket prices.

It's worth noting that prices for playoff and World Series games are generally much higher than for regular season games. Also, keep in mind that prices for Cubs games may be affected by secondary market demand, which could also affect the number of available tickets, and there may be additional fees and taxes added to the ticket price.

It's always recommended to check Chicago Cubs ticket listings above for up-to-date ticket prices.

At CloseSeats, Chicago Cubs ticket prices at Wrigley Field can be found for as low as $6.00 per ticket for some games, with an average price of $85.00. For most events at Wrigley Field in Chicago, IL. the seat location will have a big impact on the cost of the tickets. 


Chicago Cubs Ticket FAQS

Where can you buy Chicago Cubs tickets?

Tickets to see the Chicago Cubs are available to purchase right here on Feel free to browse our Chicago Cubs home game schedule at Wrigley Field above and shop for the best tickets and seats. In addition, tickets may still be available at the Atlanta Braves box office.


Are Chicago Cubs Tickets 100% Guaranteed

In the event that the Chicago Cubs cancel a game and do not reschedule any game that you have purchased tickets for on, we will refund your money back 100% of the price you paid for your tickets.


When do Chicago Cubs tickets go on sale?

Chicago Cubs tickets are already on sale and ticket listings can be found alongside the Chicago Cubs 2023 schedule above


When does the Chicago Cubs schedule come out?

The Chicago Cubs schedule has been released. The Cubs will start the season on Thursday, March 30th vs the Milwaukee Brewers and will play 162 games in the regular season. The last regular season game is on Sunday, October 1st, 2023, also vs the Milwaukee Brewers


When is Chicago Cubs Opening Day at Wrigley Field?

Tickets are on sale and available right now for 2023 Opening day at Wrigley Field in Chicago, IL where the Chicago Cubs will host the Milwaukee Brewers.


Where can I buy cheap Chicago Cubs tickets for home games at Wrigley Field?

Right now, the cheapest Chicago Cubs ticket price for home games at Wrigley Field are as low as $6 for some games. At Close Seats, we list the cheapest available tickets for all Chicago Cubs events at Wrigley Field at the top, and the most expensive at the bottom.


Are Chicago Cubs tickets at Wrigley Field sold out?

Chicago Cubs Tickets for home games at Wrigley Field are almost always available on our marketplace. It is not uncommon to have tickets available for purchase up to the last minute before game time


Where do the Chicago Cubs play their home games?

The Chicago Cubs play their home games at Wrigley Field, located at 1060 West Addison Street Chicago, IL 60613


Do I Need to Print my Chicago Cubs Tickets?

No. The Chicago Cubs, along with all MLB teams, will only allow mobile ticket gate entry to their games. For most Chicago Cubs ticket transactions, you will need to download the MLB Ballpark app, so the Ticket seller can transfer your Wrigley Field Chicago Cubs tickets to you.



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